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You've heard buying freezers online could save you hundreds of dollars, and you heard right. At Buy Freezers you can read reviews, product summaries and user comments about all different types of freezers and freezer brands available in Australia. You can even contribute your own comments.

Freezers are ideal for families who like to buy in bulk or anyone who wants to avoid frequent shopping trips. They are invaluable to people in remote areas who simply can't get to the shops very often. Are you buying a freezer online because you need to expand the volume of frozen storage in your home? Maybe you need to buy a new freezer to replace a broken or old model you already had. Whatever the reason, you can find a freezer to suit your needs here at Buy Freezers.

As with most kitchen appliances and white goods, before you buy a freezer you will need to know several things about your home, the product and your budget.

Don't buy a freezer online before:

  • Measuring the area you have for the freezer
  • Considering upright or chest type opening
  • Thinking about the freezer volume you require
  • Finding your budget and don't go over it
  • Research freezers right here at

Consider the freezer size and volume - If you are buying a separate chest freezer to compliment your main fridge/freezer, find out the volume of your existing freezer first. Do you think you will need twice the volume, maybe triple. Once you have decided on the volume (in litres) you think you need, investigate some of the models in that range and consider the physical size of the freezer, will it fit where you want to put it?

Buy a Chest Freezer

A chest freezer is the most popular, and generally the cheapest kind of stand-alone freezer unit. Also commonly called a tuckerbox freezer, this range opens from the top and are usually square or rectangular in shape and about waist high. There are plenty of options here and you can get great discounts on chest freezers by purchasing them online.

Buy an Upright Freezer

If you're in the market for an upright freezer, you probably already know you have limited space but want quite a large volume freezer. Upright freezer, or vertical freezer designs often include multiple shelves or draws and are very convenient to store and access large amounts of frozen goods.

Buy a Bar Freezer

A bar freezer is just like a bar fridge. Small in size, generally under 800mm in height but open from the front like an upright freezer model. Bar freezers have small volumes but are very convenient for high access items, such as ice and frozen drinks.

Buy a Pigeon Pair Freezer

A pigeon pair freezer is an upright freezer that matches the look and size of a fridge in exactly the same specifications. There are several manufacturers that make pigeon pair fridge / freezers. Some brands refer to them as "matching pair" freezers.

Buy a Fridge / Freezer

If you are looking for a standard fridge/freezer combination you should visit our other site Buy Fridges.

Buy the Fisher & Paykel H160S Chest Freezer Online

Fisher & Paykel H160S Chest Freezer

Freezer Volume: 164 litres

2.5 Star Energy RatingEnergy Rating: 2.5 Star Energy Rating
Energy Consumption: 303 kWh/yr

RRP: $539
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The Fisher & Paykel H160S range are the smallest chest freezers available from F&P. At only 164 litres it is also one of the smallest chest freezers in the Australian market. As with most chest freezers in the market, it comes in white only.

The Fisher & Paykel H160SR is a 164 litre chest freezer that consumes 303 kWh per annum. With that energy consumption, it received a 2.5 star energy rating.

This F&P H160S freezer was originally released in 2004 and has a single lightweight door sitting on top of its zinc coated steel case. It has 1 wire freezer basket, which is stackable, but it only comes with one. The freezer is 903mm high when closed, and you will need about 1500mm to open it up. It’s almost square at 611mm wide with a neat 662mm depth.

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